Garnier Opera House in Paris

When Chris and I were in Paris at the end of December, he mentioned that he'd love to go take a tour of the Garnier Opera House - or the Palais Garnier, as it's called in French. "Opera??" I said, giving him a "since when do we go to the opera??" look. He said it was supposed to be just about the most beautiful building in the world and that if it weren't the holidays, making prices jump, he would've bought tickets to see a show. "Alright, let's go see the opera house," I said...

London, U.K.

Day Trip to Oxford, England

In the first few weeks of living in London, Chris and I made the most of our weekends by taking some day trips outside of the city. London has a great transport system, and you can get to lots of really cool towns and cities by hopping on a train or bus. Read on to hear about our day out in Oxford!


Ski Trip to Engelberg, Switzerland

Back in March, Chris and I went to Engelberg, Switzerland for a quick ski getaway. (We were getting a little jealous of our friends back at home who were getting feet of snow every week this winter!) Read on to hear about our long weekend in Engelberg, Switzerland!


Weekend Road Trip To Wales

Last weekend, we had friends visiting from Boston and we thought it would be the perfect time to take a little road trip to Wales. We all hopped in our little blue car early Saturday morning and hit the A40. We had decided that on our way to our Bed & Breakfast in Wales (a 5.5 hour drive away), we'd make some pit stops, and we were excited to get started. Read on to hear about our adventures!