Montenegro Day Trip

When Chris and I were researching what to do during our trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia in December, we realized it would be pretty easy to do a quick day trip to a neighboring country, since the area was so small. We decided to book a day trip to Montenegro though Viator (a TripAdvisor company). Read on to hear about our amazing day trip!


The Scarsdale Tavern in Kensington

One of my favorite - excuse me, favourite - pubs in Kensington is The Scarsdale Tavern, located right off Kensington High Street. I first discovered this gem when I went here with my friend Jenn (of the blog basic bon vivant - check her out!) to grab a pint. It was such a cozy tavern, complete with an outdoor seating area (can't wait to sit out there when it gets a little warmer!), a pub seating area, a dining area, and not one, but TWO fireplaces. Not to mention that it's super dog-friendly. Read on!

London, U.K.

Stonehenge Day Trip from London

When Chris's family came to visit us for Christmas, we knew at some point, we'd want to take a day trip out of the city. We ended up deciding to go to Stonehenge, and it turned out to be the best day trip we could've done. Read on to find out what made it the perfect day trip!


A Whirlwind Weekend in Edinburgh

I did not used to be a light packer. I'd go away for a weekend and pack 7 pairs of shoes. (In hindsight... Seriously, Molly??) When I started going on bigger trips with Chris, I quickly learned that if I wanted to be able to physically carry my bag and not be annoyed at my own over-packing later, I'd need to take a closer look at my packing habits and learn how to plan ahead... like an adult. Read on to find out about our weekend in Edinburgh!