Whitmore Tea Rooms, Newcastle-Under-Lyme

One of my first experiences with a tea room in the U.K. was at this gem: Whitmore Tea Rooms in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, England... and it basically ruined all other tea rooms for me. This place was so unbelievably adorable and the food was incredible. It was just my cup of tea!


10 Fun Things to Do on Kauai

I'm in love. With Kauai. After honeymooning here in August 2016, I can't stop thinking about how incredible this place is. There is so much to see and do, especially if you love to do fun and active things. Read on for 10 fun things to do on your next trip!


Kauai: The Best Vacation for People Who Can’t Sit Still

Well, it's been over 6 months and Chris and I STILL can't stop raving about how amazing our honeymoon in Kauai was. We became the #1 fans of this incredible Hawaiian island after our 9-day trip last August. We're obsessed. If you're like Chris (you can't sit still and always have to be doing something fun and adventurous) or me (just let me sit on the beach till I turn pink), read on to find out why Kauai has everything you need to have an incredible vacation.