10 Fun Things to Do on Kauai

I’m in love. With Kauai. After honeymooning here in August 2016, I can’t stop thinking about how incredible this place is. There is so much to see and do, especially if you love to do fun and active things. Read on for 10 fun things to do on your next trip!

1. Take a hike!

Chris and I hiked the Kalalau Trail halfway through our trip. It was challenging due to the multiple stream crossings and the occasional mud, but really fun! We hiked from the parking lot to the beach, then up to the waterfall, and back again. It ended up being about 8 miles total (4 of which were with a busted knee – oops), but you can choose different routes to make your hike shorter or longer. Some friends of ours hiked a little further with camping gear and camped on a beach overnight before hiking back out.

We’ve been warned! Hiking the Kalalau Trail

We also hiked The Sleeping Giant Trail (a pretty easy hike of about 5 miles), and the Pihea Trail (with amaaaaazing views of the cliffs and water). Click here for more info on hiking on Kauai.

Stunning views from the Pihea Trail!
We got a little muddy…

2. Go for a drive

If you’re on the southern part of the island, head up the Waimea Canyon Drive and stop at the lookouts for some amazing views. This is a long and windy road up through the mountains and there are tons of great photo ops!

Stopping to take in the view along the Waimea Canyon Drive

If you’re in the eastern part of the island, why not take your rental jeep through the rain forest?? There are some really fun roads, and as Brad Paisley says, “you gotta get a little mud on the tires.”

Finally had to turn around when we realized our rental wouldn’t make it through this beast!

3. Try snorkeling

Lots of Kauai beaches have great snorkeling. We went snorkeling on our own a couple times, but also did a snorkeling tour with a boat ride. We went to Tunnels, Poipu, and Anini Beach. Whenever and wherever you go, just make sure you know if it’s a safe time to snorkel. At certain times of the year, the water is too dangerous for swimming, surfing, and snorkeling. We learned that if there has been a lot of heavy rain, for example, the water flows really heavily down the streams and waterfalls, running into the ocean, which turns the water murky. (Sharks LOVE murky water!)

No sharks, plz.

4. Catch some rays

Let’s be real. This is Hawaii. You can go sunbathing on any beach, anywhere. 🙂 The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook: Kauai Revealed is an AWESOME resource that will tell you all the best beaches to go to  (some popular, some secret, and yes, some nudist!). Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Tunnels Beach

5. Fly high 

On our second day on Kauai, we went for a biplane ride. What an experience! The views were absolutely amazing! We flew through multiple rainbows. Seriously. I couldn’t believe it! A helicopter ride is also a great (and cheaper) option, and those get even closer to the waterfalls. (We opted for a biplane ride because Chris had recently been in a helicopter.) Either way, you’re going to get some pretty sweet views!

Absolutely unreal experience

6. Hang Ten

There are a few places you can take a surf lesson, if you’re up for it! We were going to try, but I hurt my knee while hiking the Kalalau Trail and wimped out. If you do decide to surf, make sure it’s safe to do so! The waves can get pretty serious at certain times of the year and it can be really dangerous!

7. Paddle board or kayak

There are rental places all over the island. The Wailua River and Hanalei Bay are great spots for this! We stayed at the Fern Grotto Inn in Kapaa for the first 3 days of our honeymoon and got to borrow the kayaks behind our cabin for a spin around the river!

Kayaking on the Wailua River

8. Boat ride

As I said in my other Kauai post, our Na Pali sunset dinner cruise was amazing. The views you get are unreal. We also took a boat to get to a snorkeling spot.

Everyone checking out the Na Pali cliffs during our catamaran sail

9. See a luau

Smith’s Tropical Paradise is supposed to have a great luau, but we didn’t make it because we didn’t realize they only do it on certain nights of the week. There are other luaus you can check out, too, but many require reservations. If it’s top on your list of things to do when you go to Kauai, don’t miss out – plan ahead, people!

10. Get caffeinated (or decaffeinated)

Take a free self-guided tour at the Kauai Coffee Estate and try some delicious free samples of their coffee! They have tons of flavors and a little shop you can buy a bag from if you find a favorite!14907589_10102285725085511_5686938469468922580_n

I hope you go to Kauai and take advantage of all the fun activities it has to offer!

“Mahalo” for reading!


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