The Scarsdale Tavern in Kensington

One of my favorite – excuse me, favourite – pubs in Kensington is The Scarsdale Tavern, located right off Kensington High Street. I first discovered this gem when I went here with my friend Jenn (of the blog basic bon vivant – check her out!) to grab a pint. It was such a cozy tavern, complete with an outdoor seating area (can’t wait to sit out there when it gets a little warmer!), a pub seating area, a dining area, and not one, but TWO fireplaces. Not to mention that it’s super dog-friendly. Like, they even have an Instagram account to celebrate the dogs who visit. Love. (Those of you who know me know I kind of have a thing for dogs. #sorrynotsorry)

One corner of the tavern… Photo courtesy of The Scarsdale Tavern

I fell in love with Scarsdale after that first time, so when my parents came to visit in November, we all went there for Thanksgiving dinner! No, we didn’t have the traditional American meal of turkey and stuffing, but we weren’t missing it all that much anyway… and we didn’t exactly feel like cooking when it was vacation time for Mum and Dad! (FYI, as of today, I have adopted the British spelling and pronunciation for mom, so now when I mention her, I whip out a British accent.) Dad and Chris had the “Scarsdale Signature Dish,” slow roasted lamb shoulder, and Mum and I had pasta with tomato and olive sauce. We somehow managed to save room for dessert, and we were not disappointed. Everything was delicious!

The dining area… Photo courtesy of The Scarsdale Tavern

Again, I liked it so much that when I had other visitors, I brought them there. In fact, I was there just the other day! Now normally, Chris and I like to explore new places all the time and not go back to the “same old spots,” but what can I say?? When you find a good one, you gotta go back!

Aside from the fact that it’s just a classic, nice-looking tavern with great food and drinks, I think the thing that keeps bringing me back to The Scarsdale Tavern is that the staff has been so incredibly friendly and helpful every time I’ve gone. Feels like a little bit of home.


Photo courtesy of The Scarsdale Tavern

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