Penguins, Potatoes, and Pub Crawls in Prague

Let me just start this post by saying that Chris and I planned and booked this trip within 10 minutes of sitting down in a pub one night in London last winter. It went a little something like this:

Molly: “We should plan some more trips.”

Chris: “Ok. Let’s see if we can find some cheap flights.”

Molly: “K.” (Sip.)

Chris: “Found one for Prague. (Sip.) I’m booking it… Ooo, and here’s a good hotel rate.”

Boom, that’s how it’s done.

Fast forward to October and we were ready to experience Prague. We woke up at 4 am on a Saturday morning and headed to Heathrow Airport. We landed in Prague around 11 and made our way to the hotel to drop off our bags before heading out to explore the city.

We walked by the Municipal House and the Powder Tower, marveling at the architecture as we walked.



When we were ready for a little snack, we headed to Choco Café, at the recommendation of a coworker, and warmed up with a cup of super rich hot chocolate (with raspberries and strawberries at the bottom!). (Of course Chris had to order a gigantic slice of chocolate cake, as well.) After that little pit stop, we kept walking – poking our heads into a few places and snapping a few pics here and there.



At one point, we decided to grab another little snack in Old Town Square. Chris hopped in line to get some sauerkraut potatoes (which ended up being pretty gross and about $15!) while I went around the corner to see if I could find a spot for us to sit. When I came back around the corner to go find Chris again, I suddenly saw my “aunt” (well, my dad’s cousin’s wife, really) LITERALLY 10 feet in front of me.

No joke.

“Hi Sue!” I called out. Sue laughed and said, “I thought that was you!” She and her husband (my dad’s cousin, Artie) had just spotted me and had said to each other, “Wow. That looks an awful lot like Molly…” How funny that we should find each other in Prague!!

We chatted and caught up a bit. They were on their last leg of a two-week European cruise along the Danube River. Sue taught us about the Astronomical Clock in the square as we joined the crowd waiting to see it move on the hour.

Finally, we parted ways, Chris and I heading back to the hotel to check in, change outfits, grab some coffee, and plan out the rest of our evening. (Although we had booked the flights and hotel MONTHS earlier, we hadn’t really planned out what to DO when we got to Prague.)

A little after 7, we headed back out to the plaza again. Over coffee, we had somehow decided to sign up for a pub crawl… Hmmm…

We met up with our pub crawl group and bounced around to a couple of different spots, gradually, throughout the night, coming to the realization that were too old for this kind of activity haha!

Our last stop was at Karlovy Iazne, a five-story nightclub with different music on each level. It was pretty interesting!



After the pub crawl, we crawled into bed, ready for a fresh start the next day.

Sunday was rainy. We decided to poke around the city a little more. We walked across the famous Charles Bridge toward Mala Strana.


We wandered through the streets, stopping every now and then to admire the beautiful architecture. Eventually, we ended up at the royal palace and enjoyed a view of the city from the hill on which the palace stands.


We ended up in Kampa Park at one point, and found these fun yellow penguins!


We eventually crossed back over the river and found the famous “Dancing House” and some more beautiful architecture.



Later in the evening, we ended up heading to a music bar/venue called Cross Club. What a scene! It was like a steampunk/garage-style, neon-lit bar. The DJ, from Universal Swing Brothers, was playing electro swing and at a couple points, an accordion player and a clarinet player joined in. It was fun and funky!





On our last day in Prague, Chris and I decided to go for an electric bike tour with a company called “I Like eBike.” Our guide, Kate, was awesome. We had so much fun zipping through the streets of Prague! We flew up hills with ease (something I never do on a bike! 😜) and enjoyed the fall foliage.



This is Prague’s Petrin Tower. Apparently Prague liked Paris’s Eiffel Tower so much they decided to copy it haha!

We had a really fun ride along the river and even wound up checking out an abandoned swimming pool. This certainly wasn’t the touristy Old Town area anymore!


Finally, it was time for us to drop off the bikes, say our goodbyes, and head to the airport. The bikes were such a fun way for us to end our trip!



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